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Clogs guide: clogs for all seasons! by Stylosophique

The complete guide, how to wear CLOGS (or mules!) In all seasons I report an interesting article written by Iris Tinunin and published on his blog stylosophique in which he describes how to wear clogs in all seasons She writes "If there is an absolutely transversal trend that accompanies us season after season, it is certainly that of clogs! It is a type of shoe that I like very much both for the objective comfort and because it gives any look a relaxed mood , boho chic. " Source: #StylosoTIPS || Guida ai clog: zoccoli per tutte le stagioni! ~…

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Clogs e mules… the mules fashion returns to the feet

It seems that this summer the Clogs and mules will return to mules feet. This year they are called Clogs or mules, someone simply calls them sandals but we all recognize them as "clogs", they will return according to the new styles with wedge or ankle strap or in the classic version (and in some ways the best) with ankles free but one thing is certain, they will maintain the characteristics of all time ... studs and wooden sole Trendy mules: wooden-heeled footwear is trendy The catwalks are reproducing them. Chanel, Prada and Marc Jacobs consider them a must-have of…

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Why do women with heeled mules like it most?

Why do the women who wear heeled mules like it most? The question came to me spontaneously when I noticed on Facebook beautiful photos of "real" women appreciated and followed by hundreds of users. I was struck and intrigued by the amount of likes and positive comments that follow the publication of their photos. OK, it's true ... they are beautiful women, charming and well-groomed girls but unlike many others they are above all well-dressed and with inevitable high heels. practically they are a concentrate of femininity, style, charm and sensuality without ever becoming vulgar. I have already written in…

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Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules for a glam chic look

Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules for a glam chic look A short but interesting article by Blogger Cristina Lodi in which she exposes her point of view with respect to this fantastic summer shoe that has recently been a little snubbed ... the high heels mules, in particular those of the Mineo Mare Pietrasanta brand. I love how she starts her post "Before discovering Mineo Mare Pietrasanta, I never loved this type of shoe. Over time, however, I discovered that by inserting the heeled mules in the right context we can manage to create a glam chic look. " Reading the…

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The origins of the clogs with heels

Mules with high heels have always been highly appreciated for their ability to express the femininity and charm of each. Where do the hooves come from and what is their story? Much is written about the history of Dutch clogs, Japanese clogs (Geta) and wooden clogs without heels, used a lot in Italy by farmers, from which the famous film "the clogs tree" was inspired, but on mules with high heels you write and know very little. The first clogs with high heels were born in the sixteenth century even if they seemed more like platform clogs, they were called…

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Red wooden mules with high heels

Unconventional Secrets: What Shorts !!! By Alis, this is the title of the blog that I want to link even if I prefer to title it "Red wooden clogs with high heels" In fact, today I will simply publish some photos and links to an interesting blog that deals with fashion, this post is focused in particular on the shorts worn by the beautiful model but I must add that even her shoes do their part ... actually the red wooden clogs with high heels together with the shorts highlight the legs and why not, also the ankles. They make…

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Vip and mules, Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey prefers heeled mules This is demonstrated by the numerous magazines and gossip sites, women's mules are the most popular summer footwear even for show women, singers and actresses. Mules and very high heels are always in fashion, the general interest in them does not decrease, they like and are synonymous with style, charm but above all femininity. Mariah Carey is an example of this, in many photos captured by the paparazzi but also during her photographic sets the diva wears clogs or sandals with stiletto heels showing off her ankles and her sexy feet. For those who do…

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how to seduce a boy

How to conquer a boy in a short time, using a single seduction tool The phrases "how to conquer a boy" or "how to make him fall in love" or even "how to conquer a man" they are the most sought after on search engines by those women who want answers to love needs. Find out how to conquer a boy. The man that you like so much but he doesn't even notice you. The new guy in your company or your work colleague, the one you see every day but you don't know how to attract yourself. The advice…

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The worst footwear for your feet. ballet flat and flip-flops cause pain in the feet

The worst shoes for your feet, flip-flops and ballet flats because they cause pain in the feet. I found an interesting article describing the ten worst and most dangerous shoes to wear during the summer with a danger index of 2/5 to 5/5. Nothing new when it is said that shoes with stiletto heels are not to be used for a long time because the strong pressure on the front of the foot can cause inflammation ... we know. but the flip-flops... I was surprised to know that flip flops have a dangerousness index of 5/5 due to the bottom…

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The woman with high heels is more respected and considered

High heels make the woman more respected and more considered, they improve the external appearance but also the self-esteem. It is scientifically proven that women who wear high-heeled shoes have more power, are more self-confident, can be more attractive and get more from men but also from women. a pair of sandals orhigh-heeled mules is more appreciated by men than a pair of ballet flats, flip-flops or zero-heeled sandals, it has always been known. To support this theory, also the results of a study conducted by the University of Bretagne published by the journal Archives of sexual behavior. The experiment…

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