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Fashionable wooden mules 2020 by Peverada

handcrafted wooden mules the news for summer 2020 made by Peverada Gianluca is a stylist and model maker, creates footwear for Rome's high fashion shows. Soon he will open his own studio in Mantua but currently ... expresses its artistic skills by creating fantastic artisan mules! Quality women's mules, which are born from the union of natural materials such as the bottom in real untreated linden wood, with 7 cm or 10 cm high heels and leather uppers, lined with vegetable leather. Gianluca Peverada is an artist capable of personally making models and band. Models that can be created according…

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women’s mules can be purchased online

mules online, where to buy The high heels mules is the summer shoe par excellence, a tribute to femininity, elegance and sensuality but at the same time they are the most difficult shoes to find in the shops and markets of our cities. This does not mean that women's high heels mules have been forgotten but have simply become much more difficult to find. Luckily the internet is running to help us with its large number of online stores offering thousands of models. But now the problem is quite different, it is very difficult to find the model with high…

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Women’s clogs for summer 2020 from Mineo Mare Pietrasanta

A preview of the next creations by mineo mare pietrasanta, the handmade wooden women's clogs for spring summer 2020 We already know Mineo Mare Pietrasanta especially for its beautiful wooden women's clogs, quality handmade clogs made in Versilia (which for those who do not know is found in Tuscany) using the best woods and leathers. Mineo Mare Pietrasanta realizes the woman wooden clogs worn by models on the catwalk during the famous event Sea of love, the fair beachware As often happens at the arrival of autumn, Mineo is already thinking about the following summer and does so by presenting…

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mules with denim band

mules with denim band and stilettos heels, handcrafted and distributed by Kiara Shoes. Open women's mules with 13cm thin heel and 4cm plateau. Stable, comfortable and elegant with double denim cloth band Stylish sandal available in numbers from 35 to 42 mules with band in elegant summer jeans created and sold by kiara shoes. comfortable and elegant denim jeans mules Ideal for any occasion, for an evening in the company of friends, for shopping or for a dinner in the company of a special person but especially for a season full of style, femininity and elegance. They are quality mules,…

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Mules Gioie Italiane: New for spring summer 2016

Gioie Italiane women's mules and sandals, the news for Spring Summer 2016 In my search for news for next Spring Summer I found the women's clogs made by the Gioie Italiane brand very interesting. An all-Italian brand that has many models of clogs mules and sandals with heels and wedges An infinite variety of colors and types of heels that starting from a few cm up to 13 cm make this manufacturer an important resource that should not be underestimated. Gioie Italiane designs and manufactures its mules in Italy, with exclusively Italian materials, it is a registered trademark and sold…

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