The major producers and sellers of clogs in Italy and abroad

The mules of the shoemaker PelleRock

Make handmade wooden mules. His shop or rather the Pellerock shoemaker is located in Umbria, in Terni in Piazza Dalmazia and sells both retail and wholesale stores. For about a decade Roberto Pellegrini has been dedicating himself to the creation of handmade leather and leather items, including handcrafted and quality women's mules Its brand is PelleRock in which it contains what it loves (leather and rock), in its creations it tries to follow a clear, decisive, simple and at the same time refined stylistic line. He is always looking for first choice materials, Tuscan hides and skins. The handmade wooden…

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We help Italian shoemakers and craftsmen!

By purchasing Italian artisan mules we can help craftsmen and shoemakers in difficulty At this dark moment for us Italians, the corona virus is affecting everyone. Who more or less, each of us is giving up something. The situation is dramatic Speaking of work, I know very well that all categories are facing the blow, but at this moment the thought of zoccolimania is aimed in particular towards all those small entrepreneurs, artisans and shoemakers who have had to suspend their business for several days for fear of facilitating the spread of the virus or simply because there are no more…

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Craft mules produced by Peverada

He tiptoed into the new group of zoccolimania... and by publishing the photo of his creations and his craft mules clogs, without adding anything else he got many likes! who is? Gianluca Peverada, shoemaker and shoe model maker. He makes models, shoes and handmade wooden mules using the best materials. Gianluca creates handmade wooden clogs on commission according to the client's tastes, who can decide the model and the parameters he wants as model, color, leather, fabric ... all following the principle of quality and professionalism. But as they say in these cases ... an image is better than a…

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The best shoe and mules shops

Where to buy mules. Shoe shops and mules on zoccolimania Summer is approaching and how every year we wonder what kind of footwear to buy, follow fashions or be guided by one's own good taste? Opt for convenience? Go in search of shoes that can give a lot to your image, or "the important thing is that they are comfortable and low-cost "? What are your ideal shoes? For the holiday and beach... flip-flops and for the city are the dancers or sneakers good? In the evening, are the zero-heeled sandals perfect or the leather sandals with rubber platformers a…

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Gioie Italiane

It produces and sells elegant mules Searching the net for the words "mules with heels" or "women's mules" you will certainly have seen the creations by Gioie Italiane. This artisan company is very present on the internet with its website (also e-commerce) and the facebook channel. Gioie Italiane is an artisan laboratory that operates in the province of Naples capable of creating a large variety of elegant mules clogs with heels that starting from less than 2cm also reach 13 cm and uppers of every color and shape. The mules of the Gioie Italiane brand are elegant and handcrafted in…

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The mules by calzoleria La Rapida

The "calzoleria la rapida" is yet another confirmation that Tuscany is the region with the highest concentration of shoe factories and producers of handmade wooden clogs and mules In my research I was able to find yet another interesting reference for lovers of handmade wooden clogs. Their clogs are in fact completely handmade with high quality materials, wooden base and upper in leather or suede, also they produce women's sandals and children's clogs. It is possible to request many customizations. The Calzoleria la rapida is based in the province of Lucca but also has an online store. I invite interested…

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