Mare d’amare 2015 and Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules

Handcrafted wooden mules
Mare d’amare where the models parade wearing wooden craft mules clogs made in Versilia

The famous high-heeled clogs of the brand Mineo Mare Pietrasanta are at the feet of the models that parade during the Florentine festival “mare d’amare”.

Mare d’amare is one of the most important Italian events related to quality beachwear.

It takes place at the exhibition center of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence and the exhibition presents a preview of the spring / summer collections of over two hundred and sixty most qualified Italian and foreign brands in the beachwear sector

Events, workshops and fashion shows characterized by a particularity that zoccolimania could not underestimate, the models parade with elegance wearing beautiful handcrafted wooden mules clogs with high heels provided with the “Mineo Mare Pietrasanta” brand.

In beachwear, the high-heeled wooden clogs is a much-loved accessory throughout Italy but above all in Tuscany, where it is handcrafted and tailored in many laboratories throughout the region.

The choice of combining swimsuits and swimwear with wooden mules in my opinion fits perfectly! first of all because the mules with heel know how to emphasize much more than any other type of shoe charm and femininity, the mules can make attractive and sexy without ever being vulgar.

Then in my opinion it is right to promote local handicraft items and the handmade clogs in Versilia are as well as being perfectly in line with the topic of the event.

Below is one of the many videos found on youtube regarding the fashion shows on the occasion of the “mare d’amare” where the models elegantly parade on wooden mules and clogs made in Versilia by Mineo Mare Pietrasanta

Good vision

The high heels mules can express and increase style, elegance and femininity.

They can be used at any time of the day from shopping with friends to days at the holiday, to go to the beach. But they are also great for your evenings with friends or a romantic candlelight dinner with your boyfriend.

If you are looking for mules with heels that will accompany you in the coming summers I suggest you take a look at the zoccolimania shopping where you can buy your ideal mules by searching for them among dozens of models.


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