The woman with high heels is more respected and considered

The woman with high heels is more respected and considered

High heels make the woman more respected and more considered, they improve the external appearance but also the self-esteem.

It is scientifically proven that women who wear high-heeled shoes have more power, are more self-confident, can be more attractive and get more from men but also from women.

buy shoes with high heels a pair of sandals orhigh-heeled mules is more appreciated by men than a pair of ballet flats, flip-flops or zero-heeled sandals, it has always been known.

To support this theory, also the results of a study conducted by the University of Bretagne published by the journal Archives of sexual behavior.

The experiment assessed the reaction of a hundred men and boys over the age of 24 solicited in three different ways from girls who used to wear shoes with high heels and then with flat shoes.

In the first experiment, a hundred men were asked to answer a series of questions on equal opportunities

To ask the questions, girls who alternated shoes or sandals with high heels and ballerinas or sandals (without heels) keeping the same dress. Wearing high-heeled sandals, the positive responses were almost double (83%) compared to girls with flat shoes (47%).

In the second test the girls had to drop a glove on the street

In that case, 93% of girls with high heels who got their gloves back, while only 63% of girls with dancer shoes managed to attract the attention of a knight.

The last test took place in a bar where the models were asked to sit while keeping their shoes clearly visible.

Result, those with high-heeled sandals took only 7 minutes to approach, 13 minutes of the models with low sandals.

High-heeled sandals look better than ballet flats

Nicholas Gueguen, the author of this survey said “I too, as a man, prefer to see my wife in high heels” and added … “many French men think the same way” and how to blame him! all men like women who wear shoes, sabots, mules and high-heeled sandals!

Why do men like women who wear shoes and especially high-heeled sandals?

It is a fact, if you wear high-heeled sandals, you are more attractive and desired, so if you want to be more beautiful and attractive to men, wearing high-heeled sandals can be a good idea..

The reasons are many, high heels They improve the walk making it more sexy as the woman is inclined to move more sinuously the hips accentuating her femininity, the legs seem longer, tapering and harmonious, the calves are tense, feet arching become more attractive, ankles become more sensual especially if embellished with jeweled anklets and tattoos especially combined with shoes without laces and straps so free to express themselves. In fact all those shoes with heels that leave the ankles completely uncovered (such as sabots, heeled sandals, high wedges and heels) are much more appreciated and admired by men.

Also by tilting the body forward the back arches, highlighting the breast and lifting the buttocks, physical features that are considered sensual and attractive in Western culture.

In short, high heels are a refined and powerful instrument of seduction.

The exact opposite is achieved by wearing shoes without heels

like low sandals and ballerinas as they make the legs seem shorter the “heavier” and less refined walk, even flip-flops and plastic slippers (those with fur I don’t even want to consider) make the walk rough and often “duck” giving the impression of neglect and little care of appearance. Do not overlook the harmful effects of some shoes without heels.

sneakers with inner heel wrong solution

Even the media do their part, in fact the heels are associated with celebrities, show women, wealthy and models. The reality teaches that the heel brings aesthetic benefits to all women of any age, social class and physical conformation (just don’t abuse it).

Some think that sneakers with high soles can be a reasonable compromise … absolutely NO! rather…

The charm of the heel consists above all in showing it. The high sneakers are a banal and not very elegant stratagem to hide one’s “not-height”, as if it were a defect, as if it were something to be ashamed of. Whoever wears heels takes advantage of this physical feature to prove himself superior to it. This is also noted and appreciated.

Wearing high-heeled shoes that leave the ankles uncovered …

it is possible to further emphasize the foot even with an ankle brace but also tattoos on the ankles or on the instep that are so fashionable and give a certain touch of femininity.

The high heel therefore conveys power.

It seems in fact that the woman who uses high-heeled shoes is more considered also by women. To many women, in fact, the heel allows to gain centimeters of height that in the office lead them to overcome their colleagues and reach their colleagues.

High-heeled sandals make you safer and more attractive

But not only that, the heel is uncomfortable, choosing it the woman shows the others to privilege the added value of these shoes over comfort.

Self esteem

last (but not least) … high heels greatly improve self-esteem which is the direct and natural consequence of being admired, respected, listened to and considered.

A boy who turns to look at you when you walk, smiles at you or points at a friend or girls who look at your clogs or high-heeled sandals proving envy can do nothing but benefit your inner well-being and your self-esteem.

So if you’re wondering how to become more attractive, sensual and appreciated, how to get noticed by that guy that you like so much an answer can be …start using clogs with high heels!

When you find yourself buying your next pair of shoes, think about how much you’ve read in this post, then maybe you’ll still choose your usual pair of flat sandals or flip-flops but at least you’ll be aware of the lost opportunity.

I close with one of Marilyn Monroe’s famous phrases: “I don’t know who invented heels but women owe him a lot” and how he blames her? 🙂

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