The worst shoes for your feet, flip-flops and ballet flats because they cause pain in the feet.

I found an interesting article describing the ten worst and most dangerous shoes to wear during the summer with a danger index of 2/5 to 5/5.

Nothing new when it is said that shoes with stiletto heels are not to be used for a long time because the strong pressure on the front of the foot can cause inflammation … we know.

but the flip-flops…

flip-flops dangerousI was surprised to know that flip flops have a dangerousness index of 5/5 due to the bottom of the flat shoe which increases the risk of plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tendon below the foot which causes pain in the heel.

In short, ugly not at all elegant even in the models with sequins, not even very comfortable and more capable of creating pain in the feet? it is not convenient to use them.

And the ballet flat…

ballet flats dangerous for your feet
I don’t consider them a great deal, in my opinion they give very little to femininity but I thought they were at least among the healthiest footwear and instead ballerinas are the worst shoes, the most harmful to your feet … 5+ danger index “The flattest and most fragile of these shoes will cause you damage equal to those caused by certain stilettos”.

Plantar arch pain, heel pain, calluses and bunion. The reason is that they don’t offer any form of cushioning or support. They too are capable of causing pain and serious pathologies in your feet.

Sneakers are not even saved … they too have not received a good vote, danger index 4/5


The good news is that the mules and clogs are among the best footwear for your feet.

They have a hazard index of 2/5, obviously this does not refer to the clogs with a 12 heel but I imagine that they refer to models with a medium-low heel, perhaps with a wooden base and an upper in leather or cloth.

mules with wooden base

To learn more here is the article


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