Mariah Carey with mules

Vip and mules, Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey prefers heeled mules

This is demonstrated by the numerous magazines and gossip sites, women’s mules are the most popular summer footwear even for show women, singers and actresses.

Mules and very high heels are always in fashion, the general interest in them does not decrease, they like and are synonymous with style, charm but above all femininity. Mariah Carey is an example of this, in many photos captured by the paparazzi but also during her photographic sets the diva wears clogs or sandals with stiletto heels showing off her ankles and her sexy feet.

For those who do not know Mariah Carey is a successful singer and actress since the 90s as well as highly appreciated sex symbol.

From the images found in the gossip sites it seems that Mariah Carey is among the most fond of this type of shoe, in fact it fits the mules with heels on a thousand occasions and combinations, starting from the tracksuit and arriving to more elegant clothes passing by shorts.

Here is the pop queen photographed with various models of mules and high-heeled sandals.

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