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Why do women with heeled mules like it most?

Why do the women who wear heeled mules like it most?

The question came to me spontaneously when I noticed on Facebook beautiful photos of “real” women appreciated and followed by hundreds of users. I was struck and intrigued by the amount of likes and positive comments that follow the publication of their photos.

OK, it’s true … they are beautiful women, charming and well-groomed girls but unlike many others they are above all well-dressed and with inevitable high heels. practically they are a concentrate of femininity, style, charm and sensuality without ever becoming vulgar.

I have already written in my other articles how much man is attracted to the female foot, women’s shoes and women’s mules. Following this guiding thread, I found dozens of groups dedicated to them.

women's with high heels mulesThey are groups followed by thousands of women and men where women are considered real queens, adored and at the same time respected. Each photo posted is followed by a myriad of likes and congratulations! Comments like “wow”, “you are beautiful”, “you should teach others”, “fantastic”, “pure show” are just an example …

But many industry forums also talk about this topic, from where a clear concept emerges, in addition to pleasing women, the high heels mules are a sort of magnet capable of attracting men’s attention (even if they do not manifest it in such a flashy way) .

The woman who wears a pair of clogs with heels, in addition to demonstrating a certain style, is capable of attracting the looks of men (who they appreciate) and perhaps the jealousies of women (especially those who for various reasons do not want to use them). / are unable to use them / cannot use them).

But why do women with mules like it more than the one who uses flat sandals?

The answer is almost obvious! The woman with the high heels mules is taller, shows that she keeps her own appearance and style, her walk is more sensual than one that wears flip-flops or low sandals which instead is lower and much less attentive to her appearance and even if she has sexy, well-groomed feet.

But that is not all:

High heels modify the walk because the woman is inclined to move her hips more sinuously, emphasizing her femininity..

The legs seem more tapered and harmonious, the calves are taut, the foot is arched and the ankle is highlighted by taking on a more attractive and sexy conformation.

In addition, by tilting the body forward, the back arches, highlighting the breast and lifting the buttocks, all physical characteristics considered sensual in Western culture.

the high heels mules also …

They leave the ankles in view (which thanks to the heel are more sensual) highlighting and freeing them from unsightly laces and straps but above all leaving them free to express their beauty through anklets and / or tattoos.

The hooves leave the heels and soles of the foot in view, which are also very popular.

They discover the toes that already with the heel take a decidedly more attractive conformation especially if highlighted thanks to enamels and rings.

Do you need anything else to understand which is the most attractive, sought after and appreciated shoe of the summer?

Someone will say … But the mules with dizzying heels are uncomfortable! certainly not all of them know how to wear high heels but there are also mules with a lower or wider heel for greater stability and comfort.

Mules Clogs, even with low heels, are certainly much more elegant than a pair of flip flops, ballet flats or flat sandals.

Where to buy mules? This is the only real problem … the clogs with heels are highly appreciated and sought after but difficult to find. This is the goal of the zoccolimania project! That is, gather all the useful information for those who want to buy clogs maybe by trying them in the nearest shop or by making them custom-made or want to choose them and receive them in a few days at home.

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If instead you want to buy mules you can do it in our virtual shop where we have included a selection of the best clogs sold on the best e-commerce platforms such as amazon and ebay. You can choose between models of various brands and heels, order them from the comfort of your home and receive them within a few days.

Finally, if you are a man and you have come here because you too, like many others, are fascinated by women who wear clogs … you can order a couple and give them to your friend, partner or wife. It will probably be an appreciated gift 🙂

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