What will be the most popular mules during next spring summer, the sandals that will characterize the 2022 season? Let’s try to make a realistic prediction.

As often happens in this period, the major sites and blogs specialized in fashion churn out dozens of “click catcher” articles declaring with certainty which will be the trendy garment or shoe that will drive you crazy, that will fill the stores, the must-have of the next season taking inspiration from the latest fashion shows seen.

I admit, I myself was attracted by these articles although often after seeing the images of the horrible mules worn by the models, disappointed I hastily closed the page. The most important aspect is that the following season that type of clogs fortunately was not seen in the shops and much less at the foot of the Italians.

With this article I want to give a more “real” idea of the mules that we will probably find in the shops of our city and on the beaches of our tourist resorts.

I do this by connecting to what was seen during the spring summer 2021 with a consideration; of “real” mules those with heels, massive base (perhaps in wood) and without straps at the ankles have seen few in real life, in seaside resorts and cities. The mules are still niche items that leave room for the work of artisans who do not have the production capacity to supply large stores because they do not aim at quantity but at quality.

But sandals that can remember the mules, at least for the heel and for the absence of straps have been seen more than in past years and this can be a positive sign that I like to interpret as a preparation for the arrival of the mules.

During the Spring/Summer 2021 In particular, the mules model with quilted upper, soft and braided, square toe and thin heel (the latter always welcome) was seen a lot.

blue glossy quilted sandals

Even the wedges have played an important role and will continue to be appreciated in the next season because offering greater stability they allow you to dare more than usual, going up to 13cm even without constraints on the ankles.

At thin the summer, further details peeped out such as the narrow heels that widen downwards (called hourglass heels), transparent material bands, tapered or squared tips, details that can anticipate what this year manufacturers will probably insert even more in their creations.

Sandals and mules with heels, for 2022 what can we expect?

In the past years the transparent details have been noticed more and more in the summer women’s shoes, personally I have also seen elegant sandals completely transparent and I must say that worn are fine. I could also unbalance myself by saying that this summer they will assert themselves even more and we will see many new models of sandals and shoes perhaps completely transparent or at least with some detail in the name of transparency.

Technically I believe that the transparent bands can be used to lighten the effect of the uppers and bands in the sandals, to give more visibility to the foot and maybe to the much loved tattoos. They can be used to give the appearance of a clogs without straps while ensuring the stability of the walk. A trick already used in sandals with fine strings at the ankles.

Always to improve the stability of the walk, narrow heels that end wide (also called hourglass heels) could be used on many models of sandals and mules. Probably next summer they will begin to stand out in the windows of Italian stores.

Transparent sandals with hourglass heel

There is also a model that in my opinion could soon make its appearance and it is the heavy sandal, with a wide heel with strange shapes for example triangular or block with irregular shapes.

Women's sandals with high heel and platform
sandals with triangle heel

More details? Yes, the sandals are abandoning the slightly rounded tips to go towards “extreme” solutions with very pronounced or non-existent and squared tips.

Clogs 2022.

The real plinth as we like it is the classic one and that is the one with wooden base and thin heel, perhaps with a different color than the base, black, red or white (in Gianmarco Lorenzi style).

Who knows that some shoe-designer or stylist can take inspiration from them to launch a new line of mules capable of truly depopulating and capturing the hearts of Italian women. We will see, all that remains is to continue to follow mules.

Meanwhile, let’s prepare for the arrival of the mild season that at this point is not so far away!