The jewel anklet, the sexiest accessory of the summer is back.

sexy jewel ankletThey seemed to have disappeared, but the anklets have returned to embellish the feet of thousands of women. The anklet still likes.

The anklet is undoubtedly the sexiest accessory and jewel of the summer and after a few years on the run, thanks to many celebrities who have never abandoned it and influencers like Chiara Ferragni who launched the variant of shells, the anklet is finally back to being the undisputed queen of beaches and seaside resorts but not only.

In fact, anklets have depopulated everywhere because they are not only good on bare feet or combined with flip-flops and beach sandals but also give charm with closed shoes, the important thing is to know how to combine them.

For example with sandals you can exaggerate with dimensions, coins, rattles, pendants. With sneakers, on the other hand, shell anklets or those made of leather laces are more suitable.

If you don’t want to go wrong choose a beautiful jewel anklet, insilver or gold, minimal chains that combine with every type of shoe, from sneakers to decoltè, low heels sandals, elegant shoes or better yet heeled clogs mules because they know better than any other shoe to highlight one of the most beautiful and admired parts of the female body.

The jewel anklet is an accessory that makes the female foot even more attractive and sexy (therefore more admired by men) especially when combined with a pair of heeled shoes, better with free heel/ankles.

But be ware… not everyone knows that depending on where it is carried, the anklet can send signals… What?

If weared on the left the message is “I’m busy and I’m not looking for stories” if weared on the right it means “I’m looking for adventures”. If your goal is to confuse and disorient, then you can wear them by both sides! 😉

Where to buy jewel anklets

On amazon I found many models of jewel anklets and I thought of selecting the best ones and sharing them to simplify the search.

The following can be purchased from the comfort of your home by taking advantage of amazon’s quality and professionalism

They are silver anklet that with their shine enhance your feet, ideal to wear with a nice pair of mules clogs and if you want to do more you can combine it with a temporary ring or tattoo.

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