handcrafted wooden mules the news for summer 2020 made by Peverada

Gianluca is a stylist and model maker, creates footwear for Rome’s high fashion shows.

handmade women's mules
Soon he will open his own studio in Mantua but currently …

expresses its artistic skills by creating fantastic artisan mules!

Quality women’s mules, which are born from the union of natural materials such as the bottom in real untreated linden wood, with 7 cm or 10 cm high heels and leather uppers, lined with vegetable leather.

Gianluca Peverada is an artist capable of personally making models and band.

Models that can be created according to the tastes and requests of the customer who can choose the type of leather, colors and decorations.

Gianluca can also create clogs using fabrics supplied by the customer.

I state that I do not know the prices of his products so I do not know if they are expensive or not but what I want to clarify is that the mules he made are not to be compared to those that can be purchased from the large footwear distribution chains because his are handmade mules using the best natural materials where the foot stays in contact with wood and skin.

Behind a pair of handmade mules there is the work of a person who makes them for customer satisfaction, not an automatic machine that assembles thousands of shoes in one day.

Gianluca sent me many images of his handmade wooden clogs, I have chosen only a few … you can admire them below

The focus of this article is on the clogs with heels but he also makes sandals, slippers, always handmade sabots.

For more information on its products, I invite you to contact him directly, his references follow:

Peverada Gianluca
Via Cairoli, 8a

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 3295380292


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