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Summer is approaching and how every year we wonder what kind of footwear to buy, follow fashions or be guided by one’s own good taste? Opt for convenience? Go in search of shoes that can give a lot to your image, or “the important thing is that they are comfortable and low-cost “?

What are your ideal shoes?

For the holiday and beach… flip-flops and for the city are the dancers or sneakers good? In the evening, are the zero-heeled sandals perfect or the leather sandals with rubber platformers a few centimeters high? What a sadness…

the problem is that more and more shoe stores are exhibiting them.

summer-shoesFortunately we have reason to think that many of you still retain the desire to like yourself (above all) and at the same time pleasure. Able to choose with good taste and dress with style, fueling one’s femininity.

Confirmation? We receive numerous requests for information concerning the models of mules, cost, where to buy them, available numbers.

Why the mules? they have always been synonymous with summer, femininity, elegance and (if the heel allows it) also with comfort, they follow a transversal fashion called STYLE.

They are healthier than flip flops and ballerinas (read the worst footwear for your feet) and in their simplicity they know how to give a lot to the image of every woman.

where to buy mules

Where to buy mules? that’s the most recurring question

Many requests and a lot of interest for classic clogs especially with heels at the same time few shoe stores that promote them as they should, probably because the wind of fashion pushes in other directions often recommending products that often touch the ridiculous.

For this reason I thought of creating this page with a summary of the best shoe and clog stores found so far, with references and links to the manufacturer’s page or e-commerce shop and the photogallery page.

Promoting craft shops and workshops where to buy mules is a way to reawaken the interest in these wonderful shoes


Where to buy mules by Gioie ItalianeIt is a brand very present on the net, it is becoming increasingly known for its decidedly elegant mules and clog models, the laboratory of Italian joys is located in the province of Naples, it creates hooves in an artisanal way by choosing quality materials and leathers.

You can order mules online

Website: http://www.gioieitaliane.it/it/home/

E-commerce: http://www.gioieitaliane.com/

Mail:[email protected]


Where to buy mules Mineo Mare PietrasantaIts region is Tuscany, where I was able to verify for myself that the Mineo Mare Pietrasanta brand is very present and appreciated. It also produces handcrafted mules by choosing the best materials to create quality mules and clogs.

You can buy mules online

Website: http://mineo.mineointimo.it/zoccoli

Mail: [email protected]

A curiosity; in the fashion shows inside the beachwear fair Mare d’amare the models parade with the mules by the brand Mineo Mare Pietrasanta


Where to buy Kiara Shoes mules

The mules of the Kiarashoes brand are very similar to those produced by Gioie Italiane but with fewer variations and at typically lower prices, they are still quality and handcrafted mules and clogs.

You can order mules online

Web: http://kiarashoes.it/ or http://www.kiarashoes.com

Mail: [email protected]


Where to buy mules by calzoleria la rapidaIt produces sandals, boots, medieval footwear but above all mules clogs.

mules for women, men and children, also resides in Tuscany. It is an artisan shoemaker capable of producing various types of custom-made mules and clogs.

Again you can buy mules directly online

Web: http://www.calzolerialarapida.it

Mail: calzolerialarapida-mail2


Where to buy pellerock mulesPellerock produces bracelets, accessories, bags and clogs in an artisanal way

The shop is located in Terni in piazza Dalmazia, it sells both retail and at wholesale price stores.

It also has an ecommerce website from which you can buy directly.

Web: http://www.pellerock.com e http://www.pellerock.it

Mail: [email protected]


where to buy clogs by Katia creazioniIt produces custom-made clogs and sandals, using natural materials and following the customer’s needs, offers mules in many variations.

The shop is located in the province of Como, in Via Cesare Battisti n 4 Rovellasca.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abbi.kati

And finally if you have not found the right shoe for you …

Try to take a look at the new virtual shop.

I grouped what I think are the best mules that can be purchased (right now) on amazon and other e-commerce.

To buy the mules you need to click on the“Price and Details”button to go directly to the sales page of the chosen product where you can put in the cart what you want to buy and proceed with the payment.

For any information you can use the form you find HERE


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