By purchasing Italian artisan mules we can help craftsmen and shoemakers in difficulty

At this dark moment for us Italians, the corona virus is affecting everyone. Who more or less, each of us is giving up something.

The situation is dramatic

Speaking of work, I know very well that all categories are facing the blow, but at this moment the thought of zoccolimania is aimed in particular towards all those small entrepreneurs, artisans and shoemakers who have had to suspend their business for several days for fear of facilitating the spread of the virus or simply because there are no more people on the streets until the closure imposed by the government.

State or large company employees should still receive their wages but the craftsmen? and how long will it last?

How to help them?

The summer season is approaching, sooner or later this situation will end and we can get out returning to normal but … we will have to recover all the lost time !!! 🙂

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to start buying muless for next summer now? and why not do it by choosing the made in Italy and then buying clogs from those craftsmen who now have no job?

During these weeks they could work behind closed doors in their labs!

Those who can not do it at least at the reopening will find some more orders to be made to start recovering even if only partially the lost profit.

We help Italian shoemakers and craftsmen! The Italian crafted mules can cost more than the made in china but if you buy Italian handmade mules at your feet this summer you will have a pair of quality clogs, you will wear the fruit of the work of an Italian craftsman who will have employed all his passion and professionalism to make it, you will have helped an Italian family probably in difficulty.

The list of small businessmen, craftsmen and shoemakers

Below is a list of small entrepreneurs, shoemakers and craftsmen known through the zoccolimania project. There are many craftsmen, so I limited myself to a photo of some of their creations and the link to their page on zoccolimania or facebook, Istagram etc. so that if you want to contact them to commission your future Italian craft mules you can do it by clicking on the links.

CALZATURIFICIO MASSAROSA, It is located in the province of Lucca. His page is not present on zoccolimania but you can find his contacts at his facebook page
CALZOLAIO DI RIVOLTELLA, In Desenzano del Garda, I recently found his Facebook page but I have not yet created his page on my blog. You can contact him through his facebook page
mules shoes larapida CALZOLERIA LA RAPIDA, From the province of Lucca. You can reach his page on zoccolimania where you can find images and his contacts
CALZOLERIA PAOLETTI, Of Rome, not yet present on zoccolimania but you can contact him via his facebook page
CREAZIONI KATIA, Rovellasca, in the province of Como. His page is also on zoccolimania where you can find images of some of his creations and his contacts.
Some clogs by Creazioni Katia are also sold through the zoccolimania shop
zoccoli el calier EL CALIER, di Cecina (Livorno) you can find information on his facebook page
ESSERE E AVERE CLOGS, reviewed within zoccolimania. You can find all his information and contacts on his personal page by clicking HERE
Craft mules produced by Peverada GIANLUCA PEVERADA Mantova … is a model maker of footwear and shoe repair, its references HERE
GIOIE ITALIANE , Marano di Napoli, also present on zoccolimania where you can find the images of his creations and his contacts. Some clogs of Gioie Italiane are also sold on amazon, look for them through the zoccolimania shop
GIOVANNI DEL FORTE, is not present on zoccolimania but you can find his information on his facebook page
Italia-calzature-zoccoli ITALIA CALZATURE, lhis personal page, the images of his products and his contacts on zoccolimania
Red-mules-with-13-cm-heels-by-kiara-shoes KIARA SHOES, Marano di Napoli, you can find his references on his personal page. Some Kiara Shoes clogs are also sold on amazon, look for them through the zoccolimania shop
light brown 12cm high heels mules Kikkiline KIKKILINE , From Riccione, she too has a page on zoccolimania where you can find her contacts
zoccoli leather storm LEATHER STORM CREAZIONI, from Livorno, not yet on zoccolimania but you can find info on their facebook page
MARIO D’ISCHIA. From Lacco Ameno ( isola di ischia ) his contacts on his zoccolimania page
MARIO DONI, From the province of Pisa. you can find his contacts on his personal page in zoccolimania
mineo mare pietrasanta MINEO MARE PIETRASANTA, on zoccolimania where you can see his creations and his contacts
Passione nascosta PASSIONE NASCOSTA From Silvi Marina. not yet on the portal but has a facebook page from which you can contact him
PELLEROCK, from Terni. On zoccolimania its page with images and its contacts. Some Pellerock mules are also sold on amazon, look for them through the zoccolimania shop
pelletterie cosyum PELLETTERIA CORYUM, from Cerveteri. I found them thanks to their facebook page
mules-jeans-and-glitter-heel-10-cm-silfer-shoes-2 SILFER SHOES, From the province of Lucca. found on facebook, his contacts see them on his facebook page. Some Silfer shoes mules are also sold on amazon, look for them through the zoccolimania shop
slup's zoccoli SLUP’S found on facebook where you can also see their contacts
zoccoli unalira UNALIRA, Province of Lucca. their personal page on the portal where you can find everything about them including contacts
zoccolifantasia ZOCCOLIFANTASIA, Campo nell’Elba (Elba Island) shoe factory located on the island of Elba, its page is on zoccolimania where you can find all their contacts
Zoccolificio Sangiorgio ZOCCOLIFICIO SANGIORGIO , shoemaker in the province of Como. I found it through his facebook page, where you can find it his contacts

If you can, you buy Italian handcrafted mules, because in doing so you are not only buying a pair of mules clogs but the result of hours of work and passion of those who put their professionalism at your disposal to meet your needs.

I conclude by confiding you with some pride that … Italian clogs are the most beautiful, and our craftsmen know how to make real works of art capable of enhancing every woman.


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