The woman knows well that the high heels mules clogs are the most attractive and admired shoes, but they are becoming more and more “rare goods” especially if they are handmade women’s clogs with heels and wooden bottom.

Their existence has been tormented since its origins but despite this, women’s wooden clogs continue to be loved and increasingly sought after.
In English wooden mules (the best, those with high heels) or clogs (bass with wide heel ) but in Italy they are known as zoccoli di legno.

Considered a precious female accessory and in a sense accessible to a few.

Born as poor footwear, used by farmers, in their evolution they lived dark moments in periods when they were even associated with prostitution, in fact they were the shoes most used by women of easy costumes who appreciated them for their undoubted ability to fascinate the male world ( leaving fingers, ankles well visible, heels and arched foot thanks to the high heels).

Fortunately, the high heels mules have lived as many moments of glory where they have been reconsidered and brought to light by wealthy, wealthy women belonging to high society and even Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Russell. This trend seems to have remained unchanged over time and still today they are appreciated by many divas and celebrities (see Mariah Carey, Rihanna) but also by many women who fortunately still have a sense of style and elegance.

Currently there are different models of mules with wooden base but in recent years the trend has been to use mainly synthetic materials such as polyurethane.

But why are wooden mules always sought after?

I state that choosing a pair of wooden clogs rather than synthetic sandals is like choosing to listen to music from a vinyl record when with a few euros you can access a database of thousands of songs in digital format. Connoisseurs know well what I’m talking about.

Like all materials, wood also has its strengths and weaknesses, is supplied directly from mother nature, is not a cause of allergies and the foot remains drier as the wood absorbs moisture.

Then the wood is beautiful and its veins make unique every clogs he made.

It is easy to work, therefore it adapts well to the needs of the small artisan workshop that creates it by hand, perhaps combining it with an upper in natural material.

On the other hand, the wooden base is heavier (although this is not always considered a defect), it is less resistant than synthetic materials and often more expensive.

Sometimes there are people who write to me …

Oh yes, but the wooden mules costs too much! How can I spend 50 to 100 euros for a couple of mules!

I answer that…

Behind a pair of handcrafted wooden clogs there is the work of those looking for the best wood and modeling it to create the base on which you will rest your feet for the next summers, there are those who dedicate several hours of their day to you for imagine and create the model that best suits your needs

OK but where can i find and buy a couple of handcrafted wooden mules? Maybe bespoke products and according to my needs?

Typically, the wooden clogs are made by small artisan workshops and it is precisely from those that it is possible to have the customization that large production companies could not achieve.

Since I followed the zoccolimania project I have had contacts with various craft workshops that I am looking forward to promoting because they are activities that are generally disappearing, the reason? Many women prefer the unhealthy but low low … but really low cost sandal or plastic flip flops rather than the charming wooden clog. let’s begin 🙂

Katia Creazioni

wooden mules, wooden mules

Located in Rovellasca in the province of Como, it produces beautiful commissioned high heels mules models with a strictly wooden base and band made of leather on commission

I wrote about them on the page Zoccoletti su misura Katia Creazioni


Craft mules produced by PeveradaFrom Mantova, Gianluca Peverada is a designer and model of women’s footwear. It makes handcrafted wooden and leather mules to the tastes of customers.

his page on zoccolimania: zoccoli di legno artigianali prodotti da Peverada

Essere e avere clogs

artistic clogsRomana Finotti, the owner… more than creating custom mules I would say that he creates real works of art.

She applies various decoration techniques to the wooden base, making it absolutely unique.

How not to write about her on zoccolimania!? The artistic clogs of Essere e Avere Clogs


mules Italia-calzature handcraftedFrom Tuscany … he crafted the wooden mules. Its strong point is the jeweled clogs where it manages to embellish the uppers band …

The page that talks about him on zoccolimania è zoccoli artigianali prodotti da ItaliaCalzature

Mario Doni

Mario Doni, handcrafted mules with a wooden baseTogether with his wife Mario he produces above all sandals but also some beautiful clog models that he creates by hand.

Their laboratory is located in the province of Pisa

his webpage: Zoccoli da donna artigianali prodotti da Mario Doni

Mineo Mare Pietrasanta

The models who parade in “mare d’amare” fit their clogs, rigorously on a wooden base.

Many stores in Italy distribute them

I have dedicated several posts to them, the most recent being:zoccoli di legno estivi da Mineo Mare Pietrasanta

Calzoleria La Rapida Pietrasanta

Another notable Tuscan manufacturer, has many years of experience in the artisanal production of wood and leather mules and it shows.

It also produces many models of closed mules

I also dedicated several pages to them, here is the most recent:Zoccoli di legno primavera estate dalla calzoleria La Rapida

Silfer Shoes

mules-jeans-and-brilliant-heels-10-silfer-shoes-2Also in Tuscany we find Silfer Shoes, it produces comfortable and simple clogs with very stable block heels …

The bases are always made of wood.

It is possible to buy them directly on amazonZoccoli di legno artigianali Silfer Shoes


handmade mulesCreate and customize wooden mules using the best materials suitable for all kinds of needs. Processing leather artifacts.

Ho scritto di lui nella pagina Zoccoli artigianali realizzati da pellerock

But will I have forgotten anyone? Definitely yes! and especially who knows how many other laboratories unknown to me exist!

I’d like to keep this page up to date so if you produce/sell wooden mules then write to me! I will be happy to include you and your laboratory or shop in this article that wants to be a useful resource for those who want to buy a pair of quality handmade wooden mules.

Write to me even if you make or sell non-wooden clogs, I will be happy to create a page dedicated to your business too 🙂

You can find more beautiful sandals, wedges, sabots and hooves for women by searching for them in the VIRTUAL STORE of zoccolimania


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