The desire to relaunch the clog, the “symbol” product of their land, has led a group of young Tuscan entrepreneurs to create an interesting project… UnaLira

We are in Tuscany in the area that includes some small villages in the municipality of Capannori Lucca, such as Segromigno in Monte, Segromigno in Piano, Camigliano, San Colombano.

The clog is part of the history of these countries, a product born many years ago to meet practical needs that has been able to transform local craftsmanship.

A bit of history…

Initially the clog was made with a wooden upper because it guaranteed protection from any type of atmospheric threat.

It was mainly used by farmers to be able to work in the fields and was produced coarsely in their homes. Subsequently, the production of clogs turned into a real profession capable of integrating the scarce income of the fields.

The stables and farms soon turned into workshops for the production of woods and complete clogs with wooden base and leather upper.

The small workshops turned into companies but then the artisanal clogs production became more and more difficult and less competitive so many companies were equipped for mass production.

The wood was replaced by polyurethane and the traditional clogs of Segromigno became a rare commodity.

Currently there are very few artisan workshops that remain active also in Tuscany,a real shame if we consider that Tuscany is the cradle of the artisan clogs.

I am enthusiastically writing this article dedicated to the UnaLira project because I consider it in line with the objectives of zoccolimania.

In fact, the UnaLira project wants to awaken interest in these wonderful shoes, starting however with local craftsmanship, involving expert craftsmen but at the same time adding a touch of creativity to give the future to this wonderful tradition.

The clogs of the UnaLira brand are characterized by a particular bottom made of lightened natural wood and made unique by a hole in the heel with the diameter of an Italian lira,the exact cost of the raw wood shape necessary for the realization of the mules in the 20s.

The UNALIRA clogs with their innovative collections have undergone transformations, discovered the pleasure of a partnership with soft leathers and new fabrics, giving the classic clog a connotation in step with current fashion and a completely new, fresh and fascinating look.

UnaLira® uses a natural and precious material such as wood without forgetting to make an ethical use of it. In fact, since 2017 UnaLira® adheres to a program promoted by the portal where a tree will be planted in South America for each product sold.

I want to conclude this article by quoting the sentence (found by reading their site) that struck me most and that is:

Those who wear UnaLira do not wear a simple pair of clogs but the story of an entire community of artisans.

The clogs, the shoes that have always seemed a bit heavy and tasteless, even coarse if worn with little care. The clogs are the new shoes to bet on.

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