women’s mules can be purchased online

mules online, where to buy The high heels mules is the summer shoe par excellence, a tribute to femininity, elegance and sensuality but at the same time they are the most difficult shoes to find in the shops and markets of our cities. This does not mean that women's high heels mules have been forgotten but have simply become much more difficult to find. Luckily the internet is running to help us with its large number of online stores offering…

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Wooden clogs are always the most sought after

The woman knows well that the high heels mules clogs are the most attractive and admired shoes, but they are becoming more and more "rare goods" especially if they are handmade women's clogs with heels and wooden bottom. Their existence has been tormented since its origins but despite this, women's wooden clogs continue to be loved and increasingly sought after.In English wooden mules (the best, those with high heels) or clogs (bass with wide heel ) but in Italy they…

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