The best shoe and mules shops

Where to buy mules. Shoe shops and mules on zoccolimania Summer is approaching and how every year we wonder what kind of footwear to buy, follow fashions or be guided by one's own good taste? Opt for convenience? Go in search of shoes that can give a lot to your image, or "the important thing is that they are comfortable and low-cost "? What are your ideal shoes? For the holiday and beach... flip-flops and for the city are the…

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Red mules with 13 cm high heel

Red mules from kiarashoes elegant red women's mules with 13 cm heel and 4 cm high plateau with scratchproof mou base produced by kiara shoes. Mules with double red band in cloth and base in scratch-proof material, 13cm high heel and plateau 4cm high. The 13 cm high stiletto heels make them particularly elegant and feminine, ideal combined with a jewel anklet and / or toering. They also great to give the right prominence and space to the much-loved tattoos…

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Mules Gioie Italiane: New for spring summer 2016

Gioie Italiane women's mules and sandals, the news for Spring Summer 2016 In my search for news for next Spring Summer I found the women's clogs made by the Gioie Italiane brand very interesting. An all-Italian brand that has many models of clogs mules and sandals with heels and wedges An infinite variety of colors and types of heels that starting from a few cm up to 13 cm make this manufacturer an important resource that should not be underestimated.…

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The origins of the clogs with heels

Mules with high heels have always been highly appreciated for their ability to express the femininity and charm of each. Where do the hooves come from and what is their story? Much is written about the history of Dutch clogs, Japanese clogs (Geta) and wooden clogs without heels, used a lot in Italy by farmers, from which the famous film "the clogs tree" was inspired, but on mules with high heels you write and know very little. The first clogs…

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Mare d’amare 2015 and Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules

The famous high-heeled clogs of the brand Mineo Mare Pietrasanta are at the feet of the models that parade during the Florentine festival "mare d'amare". Mare d'amare is one of the most important Italian events related to quality beachwear. It takes place at the exhibition center of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence and the exhibition presents a preview of the spring / summer collections of over two hundred and sixty most qualified Italian and foreign brands in the beachwear…

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Is driving with high heels a crime? and drive with comfortable slippers? of course not! but some risk is there anyway

Can you drive in high heels? Is driving with summer sandals with heels or wedge sandals allowed, or is it better to drive with comfortable slippers? can i drive barefoot? These are the questions that every woman asks herself especially when the warm weather arrives when the desire to get rid of boots and closed shoes becomes more and more alive in favor of the much loved high-heeled sandals, wooden clogs, heeled sabots , high wedges and let's face it,…

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