Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules for a glam chic look

Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules for a glam chic look A short but interesting article by Blogger Cristina Lodi in which she exposes her point of view with respect to this fantastic summer shoe that has recently been a little snubbed ... the high heels mules, in particular those of the Mineo Mare Pietrasanta brand. I love how she starts her post "Before discovering Mineo Mare Pietrasanta, I never loved this type of shoe. Over time, however, I discovered that by inserting the heeled mules in the right context we can manage to create a glam chic look. " Reading the…

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Mare d’amare 2015 and Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules

The famous high-heeled clogs of the brand Mineo Mare Pietrasanta are at the feet of the models that parade during the Florentine festival "mare d'amare". Mare d'amare is one of the most important Italian events related to quality beachwear. It takes place at the exhibition center of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence and the exhibition presents a preview of the spring / summer collections of over two hundred and sixty most qualified Italian and foreign brands in the beachwear sector Events, workshops and fashion shows characterized by a particularity that zoccolimania could not underestimate, the models parade with elegance…

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