Do you want to be a protagonist in the zoccolimaniaproject? would you like to appear in one of our next blog posts and in its social channels?
Send us your photos!

Often we are looking for images to be included in our articles, images focused on the main topic of the blog… women’s clogs.
If you like, in one of the next posts we could use just one of your photos, what you need to do is send them to [email protected] indicating that you want to post them on the site and/or in the social channels of zoccolimania and if you want your name to appear on the image or not. If no preference is indicated, we will not add any name.

The guidelines for sending your images
  1. They must portray classic clogs without laces or ankle straps.
  2. They must be original images, not copied from the web.
  3. They can be photos of only mules or mules and feet in the foreground or whole person with mules.
  4. Better if the brand name is not visible (in that case we could obscure it)
  5. Better if there are no other people (in that case we could obscure them).
  6. They must not refer in any way to scenes of sex or vulgarity in general.

We reserve the right to discard unsuitable images.

Images may be edited / cropped to obscure irrelevant people / content / manufacturer or brand logos.

When writing the single post we will choose a relevant image with the topic. For this reason we cannot guarantee the publication of each image.

Remember, you can send your photos to [email protected]

Thank you for the cooperation! 🙂

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