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With the term “summer shoes” we generally refer to light, open, colored shoes but more particularly when thinking of female summer shoes we think of sandals, sabots and specially mules clogs.

summer shoes - clogsThe mules have always been reminiscent of summer, the heat, freedom and at the same time beauty, charm and femininity

Unfortunately even if many blogs in the fashion sector wrote that among the summer shoes the mules would have been the ones that would have obtained greater interest in Italian women. This was not the case and few clogs have been seen this summer.

In effect, this type of shoe with the high heel is very well seen and appreciated by men (if worn by women of course) this year 2015 has been supplanted by many other summer shoes.

Italian women preferred the comfort of the ballerinas, very sad flip flops and zero-heeled sandals or unwatchable platform sandals that together with other novelties have been able to erase femininity.

summer shoes - sandals

I must admit that this trend has left me perplexed and dazzled. I’m not the only one who thinks that one of the positive sides of summer is the multiplication of women who express their femininity by wearing open summer shoes, with high heels and well-groomed feet or (in the best case) a nice pair of heeled clogs tall. By the term “mules” I mean the classic ones, open and with free ankles, without straps.

A sad rainy day at the end of September I asked myself how the next “beautiful” season could be and above all if I could do something to change, to influence even a little the trend.

The answer was “let’s try! but how? “with a website capable of arousing interest for the mules! These fascinating women’s summer shoes that, less and less widespread, are leaving room for other types of footwear that certainly do not enhance the woman and her femininity but rather penalize her.

After a few weeks of “incubator” I went to work and this is my result.

https://www.zoccolimania.it. is a blog where I want to inform, help in the choice, share opinions, articles, news, curiosities, new models of clogs, trends and ideas.

Speaking of ideas, if you have any and want to share them, write me !

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