how to conquer a boy

how to seduce a boy

How to conquer a boy in a short time, using a single seduction tool

how to win a boy's heart

The phrases “how to conquer a boy” or “how to make him fall in love” or even “how to conquer a man”

they are the most sought after on search engines by those women who want answers to love needs.

Find out how to conquer a boy. The man that you like so much but he doesn’t even notice you. The new guy in your company or your work colleague, the one you see every day but you don’t know how to attract yourself.

The advice you find is often as trivial as useless:

  • Men like busty breasts. For this, it is recommended to wear a bra that holds it on and shirts that how to win a guy alternative method leave the furrow uncovered.
  • Men are attracted to the buttocks and hips. For this reason it is recommended to wear tight jeans that highlight the curves (for those who can afford it, I add)
  • They are attracted to full lips. For this reason lipsticks of every color are important even if the most suitable for this situation is always red.
  • And then change the hair color, take care of your hands and put on high-heeled shoes and sandals

All tips very discounted and dated apart from the last.

In fact, high-heeled shoes cause the woman to arch her back, highlighting her breasts, to push her butt outwards and even to wave while walking, capable of attracting and seducing a boy or a man.

In addition, high heels enhance feminine forms as they lengthen the legs.

So what? That’s all? are these your advice on how to seduce a boy? NOOOOO there is much more!

From a recent research conducted by the sexologist and psychotherapist Serenella Salomoni on a sample of 500 men between the ages of 18 and 65, asking each of them what the area of the body of a woman they thought was most attractive. He thus discovered that:

Female feet are liked by 18% of men,

Side B is liked by 17% of the male audience

15% of men love legs

Ankles attract 12% (this is also new)

Finally, the men who say they are attracted to the face are 9%, the hands with 7% and the hips with 4%.

In fact, the sexologistexplains that this happens because the cared feet express those characteristics that a man looks for in a woman such as elegance, versatility, care for herself,

So girls love shoes, men admire girls’ feet, that’s a fact.

how to seduce a boy using his feetfor example some shoes are a pleasure of sight for women but also for men … albeit in a different way.

The phase of the teardrop breasts, the mandolin butt, and the plump lips are so overcome that to tell the truth they have not been completely abandoned but have given space to something else, the sexy and well-groomed foot in the first place and the ankles (in the fourth place) that’s what attracts modern men today!

Having said that the answer to the question “how to win over a boy” is ?!

Taking care of your feet, making them more sensual and attractive with nail polishes, rings, anklets and tattoos. Seducing with the feetalso means wearing shoes that show them off and enhance their shape and angularity, which reveal their fingers, heels and ankles.

The fondness for feet in recent years has really exploded! Modern men like female feet, unlike the pubis and breast, the feet are not directly related to eros, the expert specifies: “In technical terms, they are said to be secondary sexual organs'” and the reason for their relevance is explained as a way of men reacting to a bombardment of direct erotic messages, such as to induce them to focus on a part of the body that does not explicitly communicate sex.

When the feet remain a supplement for pleasure, it is an absolutely normal thing for men, it is not an aspect to be ashamed of but to be exploited, make the most of it.

how to conquer a boy with high heels mules and danglingFor many women, knowing that men are attracted to their feet is still a cause for discomfort while others have overcome it, they have understood its enormous potential and are themselves successfully attracting men to their feet.

If you want to seduce your partner, you can push your attention towards your lower extremities by inserting and removing your foot from the shoe or by swinging the shoe on the tip of the foot (this action also evokes stripping and in English it is known as dangling) or leaving the heel uncovered (it is considered very provocative), or even letting the bare foot take on the most sinuous shape possible, accentuating the arch and stretching the toes. For all this, the mules with heels are the ideal shoe to seduce.

What are the shoes to avoid and those to use to seduce and conquer a boy?

Shoes must be given great importance. They are a very powerful weapon of seduction and many do not even remotely imagine their potential. A well-kept foot but placed in a pair of closed shoes, flip flops or plastic beach slippers does not achieve any result.

Clearly flip flops, ballet flats, sneakers and low sandals are absolutely to be excluded.

  • the flip flop. Especially those by the sea, they are considered not very elegant, ok they are low-cost but they give the idea of neglect. Even if embellished with sequins, they are recommended only to go to the beach (I mean walking on the beach where the heels would not be adequate) or to be used inside the walls of the house, the female image is greatly diminished and “compressed” by wearing flip-flops. And last ( but not least ) flip-flops are bad for your feet.
  • ballet flat truly, even a moderate heel helps in that from another conformation that a type of shoe of this kind does not confer because it acts, it certainly does not help to improve and slim the female figure.
  • Closed shoes in Spring and Summer always leave the doubt! because she doesn’t show them? it may be that she has bad feet calluses? poorly maintained?
  • Beach slippers that are so fashionable but … they are even worse than flip flops, I mean plastic or rubber beach slippers, many even use them for shopping or during evening walks. They remind me a lot of what we used to go to the pool during swimming lessons in elementary school. They are banal, sad and not at all elegant, they do not give anything to the woman, on the contrary … they remove and enlarge.
  • For women allergic to heels, I would rather recommend a pair of pescura clogs, scholl clogs (which are luckily returning to fashion) or clogs as long as they are open.

The best time to field your seduction strategy is definitely spring summer. It is precisely in the summer that you can show off your feet.

how to conquer a boy using high heels mulesto attract and seduce a guy, wearing heeled sandals is definitely a good method, they are also good for those who are beginners in heels. They highlight the well-groomed foot and arch it as men like it but more can be achieved by wearing high-heeled mules which are considered the sexiest shoes because in addition to leaving in view the toes, the curves of the foot and the nails taken care of and embellished with any rings, also leave the heel and ankle in plain sight (which we must not forget is placed in fourth place in the ranking), also allowing you to wear a brilliant anklet and giving the right space to the beloved tattoos on ankles.

Oh yes, because with high-heeled mules, any tattoos on the ankle and on the instep are also very good because they are not covered by laces and straps.

This is fascinating! And in one fell swoop you highlight your feet and ankles attracting 18% + 12% of men. In addition, combined with a beautiful skirt, the uncovered heels and ankles highlight your legs even more.

Clogs are the sexiest and most attractive footwear because they leave the most sensual parts of the foot on display and therefore the most appreciated and admired by men.

The noise of the heel and even the mules that hits the heel and the sole of the foot during the step is considered provocative and capable of attracting attention.

Clearly the mules and the well-groomed foot are used to be physically pleasant, to attract and seduce a man or a boy perhaps to reinvigorate a relationship but then to conquer a boy it is up to you to make him fall in love and demonstrate that behind your style there is a lot of more!

The advice is therefore: attract it to you by wearing a nice pair of high heels mules but then … be yourself!

Where can you start … first what is the height of the heel for you?

A pair of mules with low heels, maximum 6 cm ideal if you have never used heels or with them you do not have a good relationship.

Choose mules with medium heels, from 7 to 11 cm if you love heels but don’t want to overdo it or want to get used to the medium heel before going to the upper level 🙂

they are right for you clogs with high heels, from 12 cm upwards if the high heel doesn’t scare you and you already use it.

Alternatively there are always the heeled sandals, or sabot and wedges with high but stable base.

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And in autumn winter?

There are closed clogs even if they certainly do not have the potential of summer ones, I recommend taking advantage of the winter to start getting familiar with heels (if you don’t already have it), wearing shoes with medium heels and gradually passing bolder heels and meanwhile get an idea of the type of clog that can be right for you.

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