He tiptoed into the new group of zoccolimania...

and by publishing the photo of his creations and his craft mules clogs, without adding anything else he got many likes! who is?


Gianluca Peverada, shoemaker and shoe model maker.

He makes models, shoes and handmade wooden mules using the best materials.

Gianluca creates handmade wooden clogs on commission according to the client’s tastes, who can decide the model and the parameters he wants as model, color, leather, fabric … all following the principle of quality and professionalism.

But as they say in these cases … an image is better than a thousand words and for this reason I decided to create a mini gallery dedicated to the clogs he created

How to buy handmade mules clogs made by him?

At this moment Gianluca does not have a physical store but for information and purchases you can contact him via facebook, his profile is:


other contacts:

e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 3295380292

If you want a pair of personalized and quality clogs and mules, Gianluca is definitely a shoemaker to consider


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