A preview of the next creations by mineo mare pietrasanta, the handmade wooden women’s clogs for spring summer 2020

We already know Mineo Mare Pietrasanta especially for its beautiful wooden women’s mules.

Quality handcrafted clogs made in Versilia (which for those who do not know is located in Tuscany) using the best woods and leathers.

mules summer 2020 Mineo Mare PietrasantaMineo Mare Pietrasanta creates women’s wooden clogs worn on the catwalks by the models on the occasion of the famous Mare d’amare event, the beachware fair.

Mineo anticipates everyone and already presents the models for spring summer 2020.

As often happens at the arrival of autumn, Mineo is already thinking about the following summer and does so by presenting some of the models that we will find in the best stores next hot season.

You will be able to buy the summer 2020 clogs in various stores throughout Italy. On this page you can find the store closest to your home where you can admire, try and buy the clogs that will accompany you in the Spring Summer 2020.

Alternatively you can buy them online on their site where you can first create and see the fashion clogs that is most for you.

A very simple tool that allows you in a few clicks to choose the preferred wooden base and then the upper in order to make the wooden plinth that will accompany you in the next summers

Right now (as I write) you can start building your high heels mules by choosing from 4 wooden bases with wide heels of different heights and sizes ranging from 35 to 41. The 4 available bases are:

  • Strong of the marmi,in Ayous wood with medium height block heel (9.5 cm).
  • Taormina,Alder wood with a low heel of 4.5cm.
  • Porto Cervo in wood of Tiglio brushed with dark wax, heel 13cm high always in block.
  • Panarea Ayous and Neoprene wood brushed with dark wax 8cm block heel.

In the next step you can choose the band from a wide variety of styles and colors.

The peculiarity of the summer 2020 hooves is the upper in double layer of suede crossed by a spiral of colorful fabric (half visible). The result is an original, fresh and colorful but also simple clog without too many frills that will soon be appreciated.

the vortex model, which in the preview is blue, is instead characterized by an interweaving of three overlapping strips of leather with a base in simple leather, which is also a very simple solution.

In the preview of the 2020 clogs there are also winter clogs with wooden base, medium-height block heel and warm suede band.

A brief preview of the summer 2020 clogs by Mineo Mare Pietrasanta follows

Some of their references:

Website: https://www.mineomare.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MineoMare/

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