Leather mules with 13cm high heel

13 cm high heels leather mules By Kiara shoes these beautiful leather mules, a lasered flower makes them particularly elegant. Mules with 13cm high stiletto heel and 4cm platform, these mules with high heel will give you elegance and femininity. Ideal for any occasion and especially in your evenings with friends or dinners. Handcrafted mules made by master shoemakers and produced entirely in Italy Mules and clogs are the symbol of summer and femininity with style, they are simple but…

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The best shoe and mules shops

Where to buy mules. Shoe shops and mules on zoccolimania Summer is approaching and how every year we wonder what kind of footwear to buy, follow fashions or be guided by one's own good taste? Opt for convenience? Go in search of shoes that can give a lot to your image, or "the important thing is that they are comfortable and low-cost "? What are your ideal shoes? For the holiday and beach... flip-flops and for the city are the…

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Why do women with heeled mules like it most?

Why do the women who wear heeled mules like it most? The question came to me spontaneously when I noticed on Facebook beautiful photos of "real" women appreciated and followed by hundreds of users. I was struck and intrigued by the amount of likes and positive comments that follow the publication of their photos. OK, it's true ... they are beautiful women, charming and well-groomed girls but unlike many others they are above all well-dressed and with inevitable high heels.…

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mules with denim band

mules with denim band and stilettos heels, handcrafted and distributed by Kiara Shoes. Open women's mules with 13cm thin heel and 4cm plateau. Stable, comfortable and elegant with double denim cloth band Stylish sandal available in numbers from 35 to 42 mules with band in elegant summer jeans created and sold by kiara shoes. comfortable and elegant denim jeans mules Ideal for any occasion, for an evening in the company of friends, for shopping or for a dinner in the…

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Red mules with 13 cm high heel

Red mules from kiarashoes elegant red women's mules with 13 cm heel and 4 cm high plateau with scratchproof mou base produced by kiara shoes. Mules with double red band in cloth and base in scratch-proof material, 13cm high heel and plateau 4cm high. The 13 cm high stiletto heels make them particularly elegant and feminine, ideal combined with a jewel anklet and / or toering. They also great to give the right prominence and space to the much-loved tattoos…

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Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules for a glam chic look

Mineo Mare Pietrasanta mules for a glam chic look A short but interesting article by Blogger Cristina Lodi in which she exposes her point of view with respect to this fantastic summer shoe that has recently been a little snubbed ... the high heels mules, in particular those of the Mineo Mare Pietrasanta brand. I love how she starts her post "Before discovering Mineo Mare Pietrasanta, I never loved this type of shoe. Over time, however, I discovered that by…

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