Women’s mules clogs with heels and in the classic version, the one that leaves the ankle free of straps.

This is the focus of zoccolimania! Awakening the interest in mules shoes, the summer shoe par excellence capable of expressing femininity and elegance with simplicity but which is unfairly leaving room for shoes of dubious taste.

mulesMules are less and less used and are seen less and less in shops and markets (even in seaside resorts) leaving space for thousands of boring flip flops, ballet flats, zero-heeled sandals or worse still black sandals with rubber plateaus of several cm.

Okay, fashions are changing and looking elsewhere. But not always following fashion means expressing beauty, elegance and femininity.

There are fashion shows that do justice to the high heels mules, for example, the “mare d’amare“, but in many others there is space for shoes that certainly do not know how to enhance femininity and even less elegance.

These are seen more and more often in the streets of our cities. Well-groomed, well-dressed, beautiful-looking women who ruin everything by putting on the wrong shoe. A nice summer dress with a pair of sneakers or rubber sandals or flip flops … you can also see crocs.

This is really bad! do not forget that your feet and ankles are a very powerful seduction tooland a nice pair of clogs with heels (even if not very high) would have a completely different effect. Even more if embellished with a bright anklet and / or toering.

OK! but if high heels mules have become rare and no longer found in shops and markets, how can I buy them?!?

One of the reasons why the blog clogs mania was born is precisely this, to indicate where to buy them (on the internetor in shops) and to help the producers and sellers of clogs to promote their business and their products.

We are doing this by publishing articles on industry news, products that can be purchased online, manufacturers and shops that still believe in them.

It is not a simple thing, quite the contrary, but seeing that many still appreciate this shoe bodes well.

If you also belong to this category or you think that zoccolimaniacould be of interest to a friend or acquaintance, share our articles!

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